Tech reSolution in 2014


in this year , i will adding some Wish List for improving my skills . Hmmm wait ….. another wish list here , not for fashion or gadget as usual i think . I called it Tech reSolution .

1. Learn Django for some Fun

office hours i’am doing office job as web developer ( not sure , i’am only data entry ) LoL :)) , in the night for lullabies i’am doing some stuff for FUN by learning Django . I wish , it will be little impact for my life 🙂

2. Learn JS

I think , i’am too bad in JS 😦     for some project, it is requirement .

3. Deeping API to be Real Back End Developer

Not Sure i’am a back end developer ? i don’t want to be full stack programmer surely 😦

4. reSIGN
LoL :))


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